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Project Description
Stash data simply.

Stashy is a Micro-NoSql framework.

Stashy is a tiny interface, plus four reference implementations, for adding data storage and retrieval to all your .net types.

Drop a single stashy class into your application then you can save and load the lot.

How to use Stashy

Download and run the sample MVC3 app, to get a feel for what it does.
Or grab one of the implementations and drop it into your own application.
(i.e. copy the file `FileStashy.cs` into your application. Or the file 'CachyFileStash.cs` or `GuidyFileStashy.cs` or `NuidyFileStash.cs` and plonk it right in your app. No binaries, no nuget, no nuffin, just a file.)

Then you can save, load, delete or query for your own types. No db needed.

How to implement your own Stash

For any implementation of IStashy, you need to tell it what type of Keys you will use -- for example Int or Guid.
Then you need to implement these five simple methods:

void Save<T1>(T1 t1, K id);

Given an instance of some type, save it somewhere.

T1 Load<T1>(K id);

Given a type and a key value, return the requested item.

IEnumerable<T1> LoadAll<T1>();

Given a type, return all known instances of it. (Same as 'Select * from' some table based on type T1)

void Delete<T1>(K id);

Given a type and a key, delete it. (Delete from some table where Key = id.)

K GetNewId<T1>();

Given a type, T1, return a new key. For example, If you're using sequential keys, you would have to return the next number in the series. If you're using Guids return a new guid.

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